Curry & Krawall - The Soul Condor Remixes-kallias-altroversoArtist: Curry & Krawall
Title: The Soul Condor Remixes
Remixers: Alle Farben, YOUNOTUS, Reichelt & Raycoux
Label: Kallias Music
Release Date: 13 May 2016
Cat. Number: KAL 059



Curry & Krawall – The Soul Condor (6:14)
Curry & Krawall – The Soul Condor (Alle Farben Remix) (7:17)
Curry & Krawall – The Soul Condor (YOUNOTUS Remix) (5:34)
Curry & Krawall – The Soul Condor (Reichelt & Raycoux Remix) (7:16)


Is there actually anyone out there who does NOT know this panpipe? Literally everyone should’ve been hypnotized by it at least once during last summer’s clubbing nights. Since you loved Curry & Krawall’s Soul Condor so much on our X-berg Compilation we thought: As the question, so the answer.

We made a remix package to pay tribute to the epic original track. Here comes KAL 059 –The Soul Condor Remixes.

To stimulate your synapses a little we give you the original track first, closely followed by an absolute awesome interpretation by our friend Alle Farben who’s surprising us with a deep, almost techhousy bass and a trancy synth. But panpipe is queen of course!!!

Great & different is the Remix by YOUNOTUS. Makes us think we’re listening to a complete different record. But wait for it…. there she is again…

Last (never least) there’s  Reichelt & Raycoux. Kicks us right in the face, we get a wafting bass with no excuse. We like!



Curry & Krawall
Alle Farben
Reichelt & Raycoux


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