patrick lindsey-prof fee 2009-lucidflow-altroversoArtist: Patrick Lindsey
Title: Prof. Fee 2009
Remixers: Dub Taylor, Klartraum, Manna From Sky
Label: Lucidflow
Release Date: 30 May 2016
Cat. Number: LF104



1. Patrick Lindsey : Prof. Fee 2009
2. Patrick Lindsey : Prof. Fee 2009 (Dub Taylor D. Mark Remix)
3. Patrick Lindsey : Prof. Fee 2009 (Klartraum Remix)
4. Patrick Lindsey : Prof Fee 2009 (Manna From Sky Remix)


The next Lucidflow release comes from scene veteran Patrick Lindsey. His catalogue stretches far back into the mid-nineties but became most prolific through his partnership with Terminal M boss Monika Kruse.

With a remix catalogue that touches on esteemed names such as Radio Slave, Adam Beyer, Marc Romboy, Andre Kraml, Thomas Schumacher and Oliver Huntemann, he brings an infectious main room bounce to Lucidflow with Prof. Fee 2009. For the first half of the track, you are lulled into a techy groove with a rubbery bassline and sharp staccato percussion.

The conceit happens halfway through a hook arrives; it continues to grow and grow until it explodes with a sparkling flourish. Constant Lucidflow companion Tigerskin aka ‘Dub Taylor’ deepens the track. The obligatory dub chords are joined by a funk bass and computer processing beeps and bloops, resulting in a pure piece of robo-funk.

Lucidflow bosses Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch take the opportunity to get playful with the melodic flourish of the track, splitting it into a lighter array of timbres and unexpected octaves while retaining the playful energy of the original.

Fresh from a recent debut on Lucidflow, Italian pairing Manna From Sky – Emanuele Mariani & Ermanno Vita – choose to keep things restrained as with Dub Taylor’s rework. Its gentle groove acts as an aural sail for gaseous synth pads to breeze into, giving little nudges of momentum.

Possibly the most euphoric Lucidflow release in recent times, Prof. Free 2009 hits the streets on 30th May 2016.

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