"I like the listener to drop in at the beginning and fall out at the end, having felt that time almost escaped them” - Rich Curtis.

With this, we are thrown into an immediate rush of vivid intrigue upon every encounter. We, the listener, are graced with an artist who is just as much about the exploration of feeling and thought, as he is about the dance-floor experience. Rich elegantly combines the two concepts to excite the listener, creating music that’s built to provoke; the mark of a true musician-turned-artist.

It’s through Rich’s unique designs and creations that we learn the true meaning of emotional electronic music - giving back to the traditional clarity of the genre of House and Techno by delicately pushing the long-established boundaries. A stimulating and driving persona and output that is steadily being recognised as one of Australia’s top electronic music exports.

"Melodic, deep and driving progressive house was the main catalyst for my delving into electronic music” - Rich Curtis.

Inspiration to create his own identity in the international Progressive House community captured Rich at a prime age, and his knowledge and subsequent experience with melody and groove are evident in his most recent releases on labels such as SexOnWax, J00F Recordings, Tulipa, Sudbeat, Proton, Stripped, Lowbit and Mesmeric. Rich’s rise in popularity is partly due to the consistency of his monthly “Resolutions” podcast, which is currently syndicated across change-underground.com, Proton Radio, DNA Radio Music Concept (Argentina) and Mid Night Express FM (Mexico).

Since 2007, Rich’s contribution to his local electronic dance music community has been positively enormous. Amongst regular spots at top festival institutions such as Stereosonic, Future Music Festival (Cocoon Heroes), Manifest and White Paradise, Rich Curtis had been running the self-created underground club night “Ulterior,” which debuted many international acts in Brisbane and Gold Coast nightclubs.

Alongside his complete absorption into the promotional role, Rich’s DJ persona developed symbiotically with that of the Ulterior brand. His commitment to providing perfectly humble and intuitive warm-up sets for the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Dubfire, Henry Saiz, Charlie May, Anthony Pappa and Guy J, Rich merits reverence from those within his local club community.

Rich’s travels through Latin America, a land where Progressive House thrives, influences and breathes its way through his musical output vividly. It is within these travels that Rich has experienced clubbing culture at its full potential. Inspired by these experiences, Rich continues to expand onto the global dance music scene, including annual tours of Latin America, where he feels most at home with his sound.

An exceptionally bright future awaits Rich Curtis, as he has strategically situated himself within the upper echelon of tomorrow’s top Progressive heavyweight producers.

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