definition-progression-definition-music-altroversoArtist: Definition
Title: Progression EP
Label: Definition:Music
Release Date: 27 May 2016
Cat. Number: DMU050



1. Come Down Feat. Liu – MIXMASTER
2. Progression
3. Caught Out feat. Pete Josef
4. Janus
5. Without Any Doubt
6. This Mystery feat. Jinadu


Definition presents his own creations once again to Definition:music in the form of the stunning 4 track ‘Progession EP’. Living up to his reputation, the tracks are as engaging as they are addictive and always pushing the envelopes.

Opening the show on a warm note; ‘Come Down feat Liu Bei’ delicately teases us as it blooms into a massive blend of smooth synths and titillating percussion. Midway through we’re treated to an elegantly coordinated break-beat, adding a special touch and unfolding a new dimension to the track.

The title track is up now. Definition projects an electric landscape in which we ride through the night on a steel horse made of pure electricity toward the peak-time rush and unearth ‘Progression’. A solid track throughout, from the first deliberate kick, to the delicate break and beyond.

‘Janus’ brings thick and gritty bass stabs to a driving tech house groove, creating a blend of deep, dark realms with a hot and steamy pressure. Easing into warmer waters,

‘Caught Out’ is vocally supported or rather enriched through the voice of Peter Joseph. A smooth and cuddly but packing groove that pushes straight into your brain never to release you after listening to it for the first time. This track produces happiness, peace and a good dose of bliss my friends!

‘Without Any Doubt’ slowly rises from nothing and transforms itself into a beast of beautiful orchestra of chords and harps.

Finally, one last vocal track to bring closure to the EP. ‘This Mystery feat. Jinadu’ is a power ballad that delivers on all fronts and spreads a warm glow with a solid groove.


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