Artist: Juanma Llopis
Title: 1950
Label: Society 3.0 Recordings
Release Date: 03 March 2017



1 Juanma Llopis – 1950
2 Juanma Llopis – Analog Slice
3 Juanma Llopis – Aus


Hailing all the way from Spain, Juanma Llopis knows a thing or two about authentic deep house. His recent release 1950, might have a retro-sounding title, but his production style is modern, creative and intuitive.While his work is heavily centered on deep house, as mentioned earlier, Juanma is particularly well-known for his ability to seamlessly blend various production styles and genres within his songs, creating works that are often hard to predict and very inspiring for their sheer creative scope and diversity.

On 1950, the versatile producer explores classic techno grooves with a really great arrangement, which favors loud and present kicks, as well as effected hats to add a nice contrast. The modulated bass tone add to the vintage feel of the song, with a sound that reminds me of the best retro synths. The second track, Aus is more upbeat and dense, starting with some vocal samples that are drenched in delay. The tone is slightly darker, but still really rhythm-based and appealing.

Analog Slice, the third and final track, has a great arrangement and progressive buildup. The kick opens up on its own, only to give way to an intricate pattern of soothing modulated synths and vocal samples. This song is smooth, classic and timeless in its analog flavors.The release is incredibly accomplished and masterfully produced: it is hard to believe Juanma has only been in the production game since 2013!



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