fernando lagreca-brooklyn-black bouwie-altroversoArtist: Fernando Lagreca
Title: Brooklyn EP
Remixer: Planktom
Label: Black Bouwie Records
Release Date: 09 May 2016
Cat. Number: 4056813032987



Brooklyn Breakfast // Original Mix
Brooklan Breakfast // Planktom Remix
Mu-Seek // Original Mix


Black Bouwie strikes again, this time with a 3 track EP from Uruguayan mastermind Fernando Lagreca. The Barcelona based electronic alchemist is known for his hardware based studio and live performance setup which allows him to push his art beyond all boundaries. All of his tracks sound deep and crispy and are the outcome of his unique approach to deliver top notch dance music.

“Brooklyn Breakfast” is a heavy synth based dance track with deep melodies and a driving beat. A crunchy bass line rides on top of trippy electronic sounds until the stabs kick in to give the whole thing a pretty authentic old school vibe. The transposed vocals round up the uplifting mood of the track and assure to light up any dance floor!

Planktom transformed “Brooklyn Breakfast” in a more classic sounding tune, focusing more on the melodic house stabs and the knee deep bass line. His remix combines Fernando`s hardware based energy with Plankton`s love for traditional house music. Summer is about to come and this remix is the perfect introduction!

“Mu-Seek” is a track with dark elements and more experimental grooves and heavy on the lower frequencies. It completes the EP giving it a certain industrial and strong touch. A hypnotising journey through the world of tech house. Enjoy!


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