Moony Me go back in Apparel Music after the success in 2013 with “Say It Again”, even supported by Hugo Boss’ blog & radio.

Across “Change of Season” EP, there are loose-hipped cool tracks, funky jazz cut, false and calibrate noodlings and humid piano house stormers. The track with Woodcut duo “Zeitgeist” for instance, makes a short, hypnotic few-chord piano pattern its base, like a midway point between modern jazz piano and the mnemonic riffs at the heart of house music. The remixes: Sarp Yilmaz’ reworks “New Era” with a special saxophone’ phrasing and his unique jazzy touch, so the Nachtbraker’ bomb: the new talent reconstructs “Zeitgeist” for the most demanding DJs.

Mastered by Gennaro Mastrantonio, image courtesy by Andrea Contin, grafic and project curated by Giuseppe D’Alessandro, published by Apparel Music, Uk… do not miss!

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