For anyone who has never attended a Second State showcase before, can you describe what the atmosphere is like compared to other events?
In just 3 words – Off The Hook!

With the Second State showcase in Paris approaching, can you tell us what the crowd can expect from your set? (Click here for the ticket >
I’m actually really excited to do the first set in the main room before Pan-Pot and Stephan. For me the opening or warm up is one of the most important sets of the night as it sets the tone for the whole experience. I will start with nothing but some ambience and warm sonics and by the time I’m done, we will be full on party-mode.

What is your relationship like with Pan-Pot?
We’re super tight and the guys are like family. There is a small group of people in my life that I call “Two Question”friends. These are friends I only ask two things…. ‘when’ and ‘where’?

How did you originally get involved with Pan-Pot and their label?
I’ve been close with the guys for 10 years now and at the beginning of 2013 I had some changes in my life and the guys encouraged me to make the move to Berlin and the rest is history.

Your new EP, ‘Shadows On The Wall’ is set for release soon, can you tell us about your influences behind the EP?
The EP spans over about 3 years and all the tracks were produced at different times. It wasn’t written as one body of work at one time with one concept. I have so many different influences that change daily, so the one thing I really want to convey with my music is that it will always be really diverse and varied. I never want to stick to one “sound ”or “style” or “mood”. To me this EP is really embracing that and becoming more comfortable in this approach.

Do you prefer playing festivals or smaller venues?
I really love both. Festivals are always a ton of fun and are a great way to reach a lot of people at once, whereas smaller venues can be really special and intimate. It’s hard to pick one over the other, but if I had to I would say let’s do a festival during the day and then head to somewhere small and cozy where we can get personal in the night.

How do you find debuting new music to a live audience and playing tracks that they may not have heard before?
I love it. I live for it. I think I can say, and a lot of people would agree, that that is the magic moment. When you can watch the crowd hear and react to something for the first time is a really special. That is the reason I make and play music.

Can you describe your creative process and how you usually work in the studio?
Like my music, my creative process is broad and varied. Sometimes I start with a kickdrum and one sound and other times I start with a complex melody/harmony or a noise generator and just record. For me, inspiration comes from happy accidents and turning knobs and taking risks without trying to stay too focused on one idea. Once I hear something that sparks that fire, I try and, as simply as possible, finish the idea.

Which is your favourite country to play in and why?
Mexico because Mexican food. Ha ha, No, to be honest I just love to play wherever the crowd is good, although some crowds are a bit wilder than others….. Italians. And Italian food. 😉

Can you tell us about your upcoming plans/projects?
I have my ‘Shadows On The Wall’ EP out May 26 on Second State and my‘Lila’ EP on Terminal M coming June 19. I am finishing up my EP for Alex Niggemann’s Aeon now so will have a release date for that shortly as well as finishing up a lot of new music and I hit the road for a month-long tour of the US in July and some festivals like Sonne Mond & Sterne back in Germany and EU through summer into fall.

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