1. Where does the name ‘Sirus Hood’ come from?
⁃ I was in Ibiza one summer and I kept hearing “Sirus” in my head, this word meant something to my soul. A few years before that, I bought a hood in London. When I decided to start playing with this hood, it seemed logical to add it to my DJ name. It came naturally. Furthermore, it fits my music style.

2. You’re going to be performing in Rome this weekend, exactly at Lanificio, can you tell us what the crowd can expect from your performance?
⁃ They can expect to discover the best of the most recent tracks, some bangers and of course some of my own creations that I have been working on lately.

SMASH Deluxe Closing Party – feat. Sirus Hood @ Lanificio159

3. How did you get the opportunity to play at venues in your hometown of Paris?
⁃ I started to play everywhere in Paris when I was 18, I managed to do this by going directly into clubs and chatting my way with the promoters, then my contact book got bigger as the years went by and I stopped doing this when I realized that it wasn’t going to get me anywhere. I decided to put all my energy into music production.

4. Where is your favourite place to perform?
⁃ Ministry of Sound, London. Amazing and historical venue.

5. How easy is it for you to cross cultures whilst constantly travelling?
⁃ First off, I’m a fruit of different cultures. Before, I welcomed people from all over the world in my father’s hotel. Now, I go to them as I travel so much. I can adapt quite fast to them.

6. Which elements of your music have changed the most since you began making music?
⁃ Before starting “Sirus Hood”, I used to produce very different music. I didn’t have my own style. Since “Sirus Hood” I’ve found myself, and I have my own sound that people can recognize, even though I try to make each track unique and different from the one before.

7. How does the culture in Italy compare to that of France?
⁃ I’m a big fan of the Italian culture. The language is beautiful, the food is delicious, art is extraordinary, and I particularly love Italian fashion. In France, these 4 points are very different but also very appreciated from everyone.

8. What type of musical movement would you say you have taken most inspiration from?
⁃ Chicago House, French touch, Detroit House from the 90’s.

9. What are your favorite things about Italy?
⁃ The history, the gelatos, the margaritas and the hand languages lol.

10. How is that you go about composing your tracks? Do you enter the studio with an idea or is it constantly a work in progress? 
⁃ It depends, sometimes I have an idea that I record in my phone by mimicking with my voice and other times I turn on my synths, drum machines, my modular, and I just experiment until I find sounds I love.

11. To end, what advice can you give to those who want to approach the electronic music scene?
⁃ Start step by step, don’t skip any. Take your time to watch tutorials, practice as much as possible and keep your goals in mind. Be humble and work in silence. Invest in good hardware like a synth and a drum machine for starters. The advice I would also give, would be not to produce according to a sound of a specific label, or copying other artists of this label, but to be distinguished with a clear and original sound. A sound that people can recognize.


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