ARTBAT_Chivvy_-_Momentum-definition_music_altroversoArtist: Artbat
Title: Chivy / Monumentum
Label: Definition:Music
Release Date: 02 May 2016
Cat. Number: DMU049
Format: Digital





Artbat rips open a delicious EP with ‚Chivvy / Momentum’ on Definition:Music.

A two track affair, ‚Chivvy / Momentum’ sets out to take some serious crowds head on.

A dirty bassline sequence writhes to form the meat of ‘Chivvy’. From there, the duo takes the track further with a thumping kicks, adding even more pressure with each note of the melody.

A fantastic late night journey. ‘Momentum’ shifts the focus off of the flexed muscles of Chivvy, and into an equally energizing subtler realm.

This is a dark underground track, with the vocal monologue adding to the natural feel of the track.

Two distinct flavors, each packing heat, making for an outstanding EP.


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