Hometown: Berlin (Germany)


Contact: [email protected]

The Berlin native sensitively imposes her enchanted dream-spell mix of techhouse, deephouse & techno , paired with well-aimed vocals, on the dancers.

Known for years across Europe’s music scene, Jil Tanner not only expresses her passion for music at the turntables but also gives free rein to her voice.
She has an amazing sound with a beautiful natural rasp, who can sing as smooth as silk or really gritty and raspy down from the gut and everything in between.

So, everyone on the Floor get to enjoy her beautiful-raspy voice to the sets ... live!

Jil Tanner stands for deep, unagitated, driving and incentive beats, which in a curve upwards build up the excitement and then move straight forward, mostly with stunning melodies and a few gems.
There is one thing precisely noticeable – Jil Tanner rarely ties herself down. Yet, she knows exactly what she is heading for:

To join the people and come together as one.
One feeling.
One step further away from everyday life.
One step deeper into this incredibly liberating and prosperous feeling when the beat and melody mean everything and the thought of the morning after means nothing.

So her Sets simply throw out this message :


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