FAC3OFF is a core artist on Trapez. We love his rough styled but refined taste for our label! This time he presents a 4 track EP:
It kicks off with the mighty and powerful but sensual “There I Come” and is energized by the old-school fueled “Departure“. You know the sound when it kicks in!

Fireball On Earth” creates that big nice FX bubble in which the track develops with spacious sounds that give enormous depth to the track. That is a great experience you wont want to miss.

The EP closes with “Mindstorm” a wild and lively monster of a track that pays tribute to a radical FX treatment blurring the edges of a chord sound to no recognition.

Release date Beatport:
08. September 2017
Release date iTunes/Finetunes: 22. September 2017


1. There I Come
2. Departure
3. Fireball On Earth
4. Mindstorm


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