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June marks your return to Tronic with your “The Signs Within” album out on the 19th. How did the first collaboration with Christian Smith and his label start??
We first started to work with Tronic back in 2015. We met Christian in Tokyo when he was playing at Womb, after swapping contact details, we sent him some music, which then eventually became our first EP on the label. (To The Piece)

The Signs Within is a LP consisting of 12 tracks, can you tell us what are the influences and the ideas that characterize the record?
For our album, our main focus was to create dance oriented tracks with different elements. From melodic to tribal. We got our influences from many things but definitely film soundtracks were one of them.

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Can you describe your creative process in producing music and how you work in the studio?
Firstly, we play around to see what comes up. We try different things and just try to come up with something initially! Usually we like to make the groove first, so we focus on rhythm patterns and basslines. We then start adding elements on top of this.

How did the artistic name Drunken Kong come up?
Drunken Kong came up when our first track was made. We never had any plans to release the track, it was just for fun. We had to title the track and we ended up calling it D&K, which are the initials of our first names. We wanted it to be something different, this eventually led to our project name.

What made you say: “we want to play this music”?
That’s a hard question. We are both creative and love to be in the studio, it was more just being able to put a story or emotions into a track to convey that part of time of your life. It materialized from there, and now we have our releases being played to audiences, which is really amazing. Having a story, and meaning behind a track is important for us.

How is the techno/electronic scene in Tokyo?
Tokyo has a really great scene right now. It only seems to be growing, as there are a lot of new parties and festivals happening now. You can find parties pretty much every day of the week!

How about Italy, instead? What do you know, what do you like?
Italy is one of those amazing countries that has it all – the people, food, weather, scenery and of course, its renowned for its massive love of techno. So many great producers have been coming from Italy for years, so it’s always a highlight to play here. There are some of the most insane venues, so we hope to get back there this year.

How important is for you to improvise in live performances?
We try to always incorporate new elements into our tracks. We are not really into adding many new items but more about changing our setup and working in a different way to what we have done before.

In addition to music what are your interests and hobbies?
Eating and drinking!! Just going out and meeting great people.

Projects for the future?
We have some projects we are planning at the moment but recently our main focus right now is for the upcoming album which will be out on the 19th June. We have some exciting gigs also coming up, so keep an eye on our calendar and try to join us for a dance!

To end, what advice can you give to those who want to approach the electronic music scene?
We would say that its really important to have the right approach and reasoning behind wanting to make music. Once you have the right ethos, you then need to connect yourself with the right people. Continuously improving your produciton and sound, listen and learn from others and the valuable advice they might give you. Don’t get too down after rejection – this is normal. Meeting people online is a good way to grow your network, but really you need to get out there, chat to everyone, go to all the clubs – meeting people face to face is so important these days.


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