Artist: Audiojack & Kevin Knapp
Title: Implications
Remixer: Martin Buttrich
Label: Crosstown Rebels
Release Date: 26th May 2017
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Implications (Martin Buttrich Remix)

Long standing collaborators Audiojack & Kevin Knapp join forces with Implications. Their strongest release to date comes equipped with a remix from musical heavyweight Martin Buttrich.

With each passing year it becomes more apparent to me that Audiojack are my music brothers.  We are in the groove with the projects we approach, and I get excited every time we start something new together”. Kevin Knapp

Releasing together for the first time on Crosstown Rebels, Audiojack & Kevin Knapp strengthen their position within the electronic scene with Implications. Knapp’s vocals are centre stage as he sings about experimentation and letting go. Grammy nominee Martin Buttrich delivers a fired up remix with added groove and playful percussion that flips the mood of the track.

The final production on the release, 6EQUJ5, was inspired by the alphanumeric sequence also known as the wow signal; a radio signal received by astronomers in 1977. “That had all the expected hallmarks of alien communication,’ Audiojack explains. ‘The track imagines travelling through space at unimaginable speeds and the things you might encounter along the way..

Fresh off the back from his release on sister label Rebellion, Kevin Knapp returns to the Crosstown family and continues to carve out his own sound. Founders of Gruuv, Audiojack have released on some of the biggest labels whilst recording their first BBC Essential Mix in 2016.


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