We are very happy to have Kaiserdisco back on Tronic for another EP. This time the duo collaborated with our good friend Karotte. Together they delivered two storming techno tracks. We also have a vinyl only remix from Victor Ruiz. This is the first release from Karotte in over 6 years so hope you enjoy it!


Video Production by Blaenk Minds
Blaenk Minds is a DJ Duo from Berlin, producing a video for every track they play. Every video is a collaboration of various Artists.
Insta: Blaenk Minds

Video by:
Pornpisut Aewungkru https://www.facebook.com/lugkid.kitty
Kantawalee Sreeburin https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?
Lalita Singkhampuk https://www.facebook.com/dmild.freedom
Chayanin Nusrimuang https://www.facebook.com/chayanin.nho
Atikan Pojjanasenee https://m.facebook.com/dream.vanila?f
Simon Schmieder https://www.blaenks.com/profile/66/

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