Artist: Kiddy Smile
Title: Teardrops In The Box
Remixer: Mystic Bill
Label: Defected
Release Date: 19 May 2017
Format(s): Vinyl / Download / Streaming

1. Kiddy Smile – Teardrops In The Box (Edit)
2. Kiddy Smile – Teardrops In The Box
3. Kiddy Smile – Teardrops In The Box (Mystic Bill Vocal Mix)
4. Kiddy Smile – Teardrops In The Box (Mystic Bill Jersey Dub)


Parisian DJ and producer Kiddy Smile embodies the lifeblood of house music past and present. His music flashes with nostalgia for those mid-80s New York basements where house music first came alive.

‘Teardrops In The Box’ pulses with the intoxicating energy of a Ball in Kiddy’s native Paris, with its deep-rooted traditions but its intensely forward-focussing culture.

Following up on his fearsome debut ‘Let A B!tch Know’ on Defected, Kiddy Smile has deployed the well-established remixing capabilities of Mystic Bill, a house champion from the underground schools of Detroit and Chicago.

His ‘Jersey Dub’ eases back on the tempo for a syncopated strut to The Garden State, while the ‘Vocal Mix’ is a bulkier prospect, emphasising Kiddy’s growling vocal with some serious attitude bass.

Cowbell and raw synths give ‘Teardrops In The Box’ unadulterated dancefloor credentials but this is more than a club record; the layers to this track run deep.

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