Hi Nadja, welcome to AltroVerso.
Let’s start from the beginning, how was Nadja Lind born as a DJ and producer? What are the records or musical styles that formed you?

Dub Techno, Deep House, Acid, Minimal. Artists like Terry Lee Brown Junior (Plastic City), Tigerskin and Brendon Moeller and I am really glad to have them on my label Lucidflow as well as on my last vinyl Tribe Dub. View on JunoDownload

You are very requested and appreciated as a remixer, tell us about your recent works and your latest collaborations?
Remix wise I recently did one for Stefan Weise to be out on his 3km Records label. Highly recommended if you love dub techno and deep sounds. (Watch the Review)
I also did a remix for Ashka on Lowless Rec. that has just been released.
One remix for Robert Babicz on his BabiczStyle, or even two remixes (one additional Klartraum remix).
Some remixes for Helmut Ebritsch that will be released soon on Lucidflow and some others that might not cross my mind just now. 🙂

What equipment do you have in your studio? Are you a fan of hardware or software?
Software + hardware is both nice. Software like Omnisphere 2, Zebra and so on. Korg Minilogue, Volca Bass & Keys, TR-8, System1, MX-1, Korg Wave Drum… Soundcraft Impact, Sonic Core Xcite, Genelec 8040…
I am software fan since I love to musically pin down as directly and quick as possible what crosses my mind. It’s for sure nice to have analog gear, but for me it’s too expensive and slow and just not practicable for what I want, and I can’t work when I am travelling. I believe it’s not so important how big or pricey your studio is, but what you are capable of achieving with what you have. And most important if you are able to really hear and understand the music. Nonetheless, it’s very inspiring and interesting being in a nice studio stuffed with gear.

How do you compose your tracks? I mean, you enter your studio and find the inspiration or develop the idea during any time of the day?
Mainly compose from a certain sound I like or find interesting.
It depends – it could be everything from an interesting city noise I recorded somewhere on my travels, playing around with new gear, or just some idea in my head, I even find inspiration through a tutorial. Remixes are a bit easier since I am more limited.

You have brought your music to various parts of the world, do you have special memories of one of these in particular way?
Sooo many. It’s always unique.

How important is improvisation in your live performances?
Very important. Every live performance is different since every club and sound system and crowd is different. If you play in a club with a very high end sound system like e.g. fabric people get a much richer range of our music because Klartraum has a lot of bass and sub frequencies that many sound systems are not capable of conveying to the ears of our listeners.

What can you tell us about the Klartraum project, created with Helmut Ebritsch? What kind of music do you both like to identify it with?
We started Klartraum around 2005 when I was about to move to Berlin because of my boyfriend who already lived in the city. So every time I was here I met Helmut to work on some music together.

If I am not mistaken, your label Lucidflow has been on the road since 2009 and in all these years it has been a wonderful home that has hosted dozens of emerging artists. Are you satisfied with it?
Very much so, yes! It’s been a wonderful home and I’ve met so many talents along the way and artists I’ve admired since I got into electronic music. I am very happy and proud they have released on Lucidflow and there’s more awesome projects in the pipeline.

You produce your music every day and remix other artists’ songs, you have a radio show and who knows how much more… How do you maintain professionalism and enthusiasm after years of career?
That’s true. I host a Lucidflow Radio show on FriskyRadio and Sofa Sessions on PioneerDJradio and not to forget Lucidflow Radio podcasts where I wanted to have a selection of just amazing electronic music of different styles. And I am super chuffed to get such a high-end collection e.g. LTJ Bukem, Slam, Robert Babicz, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue), Tigerskin, Alexander Kowalski and you name it. What keeps me enthusiastically going is the people I am in touch with e.g. artists, fans, listeners and the music itself. Music is just what I’ve always loved.

From a musical point of view, which elements have changed the most, and what do you always keep in your style?
I could never determine what possible changes are yet to come or not. Just going with the (Lucid)flow.

What projects or releases have you lined up for near future?
I just did a bunch of really nice tracks with D. Diggler. Some are out on Toolroom sublabel Rhythm Distrikt and another release – Monochrome EP is just release on Lucidflow. There’s one more EP ready I made with D. Diggler (Cocoon, Respoal). Then we have been working on our next Klartraum album Void Universes which will be released throughout the year in several parts. And I really would love to find some more time to finish some more of my own stuff as well.
For the vinyl lovers amongst you: VLF005 – Nadja Lind & Friends (incl. co-ops with Chris Lattner, Brendon Moeller, Quintin Christian) will be repressed and soon be available on a LTD yellow color release.

Do you have a musical dream you’d like to come true?
I have many musical dreams.

To end, what do you recommend to those who want to get closer to “electronic music”?
Get yourself real good headphones – not the crappy earbuds I see everywhere – and listen to Lucidflow back catalogue.

We thank you for the interview and we wish you all the best.
Thank you very much and sorry for being so slow 😉

Nadja Lind On JunoDownload
Nadja Lind @ Beatport
Klartraum @ Beatport

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