Artist: Moscoman
Title: Hot Salt Beef
Label: Treisar
Release Date: April 28th 2017
Formats: 12″ Vinyl

A1 – Butchers
B1 – Always on a Sunday
B2 – Divided Future


And he kneeled, raising his hands over his head to unveil his precious offering, flanked between two pieces of bread and covered in the most delicious mustard.

Four months into his Treisar series, Moscoman is seriously entering his stride. On the EP’s A-side, the low rumbling guitars on ‘Butchers‘ seem to tangle upon themselves. Interjected by stabbing drums, a glittering synth line floats over the top to mesmerising effect.

Always on a Sunday‘ edges the listener towards the dance floor. Its driving melody swaggers forward effortlessly, while the crisp drum beats that form the underside of the track keep it firmly grounded.

Divided Future‘ takes a serious, more brooding turn. Rattling percussion gives the track a rich texture, that ethereal synths in the second half of the track further heighten.

Hot Salt Beef‘ is the fourth instalment in Moscoman‘s twelve part Treisar series.

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