This track means everything to me. Like any other track I’ve ever made. I do not go to the studio to think or search for deeper meanings. I go to the studio to turn off exactly that. I go to the studio to capture directness / emotion / weightlessness. And I think you should also go to the club with that intention or listen to an album at home (in peace). I think that Lars / blackdata has perfectly visualized that in this video. There were no precepts, but we both think alike and know what we like (and especially what we do not like).
Blackdata and T.Raumschmiere have a long history. Blackdata developed and implemented the live-visuals for my 2008 album “i tank u”. And for that I tank blackdata still. So blackdata was my first choice to visualize a long / complex track. I knew we do not have to talk a lot because I can blindly trust him. To say it in lars’ens words: “It’s a club night. Many people will not like the video. Some will. I like it! I like club nights!
” – Marco Haas aka T.Raumschmiere

taken from the album “Heimat” out 19 may on KOMPAKT.


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