Hi Jam El Mar how’re you? Thank you for this interview.
Hi there – my pleasure

It’s just released your new EP for the Truesoul that marks your debut on the Swedish label and that relaunches you in the techno music world. Is there an accurate idea behind this production?
Yes, there is an idea behind! It is a longtime dream come true. The collaborations with Mark Spoon or DJ Dag for example where going to a different musical direction that eventually led to a style people began to call Trance. Beside that, I always had a love for Techno but I never could make it happen because I was too busy with follow-ups and producing albums and the like. So somehow the idea to produce techno got lost and was stored somewhere in the lower regions of my mind but still was vital but dormant. I remember one morning when I was driving into my studio I stumbled over a podcast from Audio Injection and I was completely electrified. It was like a wake up call but from then it still took a couple of years until I eventually could finalized 2 Tracks what is now released as the “Touched By Fire EP”  – well, I definitely was touched by fire!

Do you already have new releases, new project for the 2017?
There is another remix being released on Bonzai Progressive. But first things come first: I want to make a pumping follow up for Truesoul and later this year doing colabs with some really interesting artists that I like very much (but I keep them secret for now) 😉

Many years have passed since your friend and colleague Marc Spoon has passed away, is alive in you the memory of him? Can you tell us one of the most ‘beautiful anecdotes that you lived with him?
There are so many, it´s really hard to pick up one particular. One great story was when Mark hired a convertible Ferrari in Sydney during a promo tour in 95. We just raced over the Australian streets and had a nice snack here at the beach and a strong Espresso there – life was kinda easy!

Electronic music and in particular techno is your music, what is the spark that made you think: I want to play this music.
Like I said before: I was that Audio Injection Podcast that totally blew me away and also listening to great DJ´s makes me always strive for improving myself. A friend brought me to DJing a couple of years ago. I never was really interested in doing this because it´s a 24/7 job and I already was completely into producing. But after I experienced how much fun it is to mix tracks into each other and build a moment of pure intensity and make the people happy, I had the spark igniting inside of me. Now nothing can make me stop me from DJing, lol…

Valuating your discography what is in your opinion your best disk?
That´s a tough one. There are many tracks that have a certain meaning to me and all of the them are important in some kind of way. Maybe you should ask me about my worst record, that would be easier , haha!

Besides music what are your main interests and hobbies?
I like to go flying – not musically – that too, but I have a Private Pilot License and there is nothing better to charter a plane and take a ride between the clouds….

Tell us how your artistic name was born.
Jam (Jam Session, term from Jazz) plus  El Mar – Ellmer (my family name) those two put together make Jam El Mar 😉

Is there something you wouldn’t do again in your career?
Doing stupid jobs just for money – this simply does not work for me and makes me grumpy, lol….

What would you like to do, instead?
Creating new fresh tracks – that´s the best!

Do you remember the first album you bought? And the last one you heard?
First album was “The Band Of Gypsys – Jimi Hendrix. My wonderful mother bought it for me age of 9! Hendrix made me become a musician/Guitarist. My last album was Santana – Abraxas!

To end, what would you like to recommend to those who whants to to get closer to electronic music?
Go out and celebrate when a great DJ is performing . If you don’t like to go out, listen to the early albums of Tangerine Dream, (especially, Phaedra, Rubicon – my favorite – and Ricochet or Klaus Schulze. They had a lot of influence on me and their music is great!

Thank you very much and I send you my best regards
My pleasure!



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