Hi Frederic, it’s a pleasure to have you on Altroverso’s pages.
Thank you very much for inviting me.

Electronic music, and in particular way the techno, is your music. What is the spark that made you think: “I want to play this music”.
The spark for playing techno had ligth my fire for this genere on one packed & sweaty underground rave where i had stayed for more than 10 hours and can´t stop moveing my feets. I was so into the rythm that i lost time, but it was no problem it was on an friday. I get more and more into that hypnotic vibe and was thinking, yes that is that what i wanna do in the future, too.

Evaluating your discography, what is in your opinion your best recording production?
There is that one track called “Oscuro”, i always get goose bumps when i´m listen and play that one, i put so much emotion in that track and for the bassline i had used an moog modular what gives that one an very special analog touch, which had prepares the way i wanna go in the future and had going. This one was released in 2015 on the Berlin techno imprint from Alfred Heinrichs and his like of my music get´s me into his agency cubeplus, too, what let my career start in an professional way. A little bit an emotional thing (smile).

Is there anything you wouldn’t do again in your career?
This question really lets me think back about everything what I had experienced in the last 7 years, of course I would do with today’s knowledge many things differently, but probably I would not know these things if i had not made the mistakes in the past so I would say no. (laughs)

You are also very active as a radio DJ. Besides producing for us an exclusive podcast a few months ago, you permanenlty cooperate with a web-radio. You like this aspect of Djing, right?
Yes, and i´m still very happy that you agreed for that, the people still talking with me about that one & it was that mix that get me on stage of the Betty Elms, an very cool venue with an Funktion One Soundsystem here in Ulm. You mean the work with sonus.fm rigth, that is always very cool because it is an live stream and chat too, so you can interact with the people who watching. I like that.

Is there an artist or a group that has indelibly marked your way to mean the music?
I´m highly inspirated by a lot of artist like Jimi Hendrix, Dave Brubeck but that are different generes, but in techno the dutch live act Egbert is that artist that makes me think about my bassline, he is giving me the spark to get it round and rolling.

Richie Hawtin used some of your “unreleased material” for the presentation of the new set-up of Play Differently and that’s a great honor for you. How did this choise come? Did you contact him or has he spontaneously thought to you?
I don´t know why he had choosen that one, but I think maybe he liked it. It is a very big honor for me, oh yes I can´t tell you. I was very flashed after I had seen that youtube video. No i didn´t contact him I think he think spontaneously on me.

And then, what would you like to recommend to future djs and producers?
Never Stop, doing what you love and if it don´t work´s keep on, Be self-critical and get better, but do only that what you want, no rules no chains, its your live and sound.

Thank you for the interview, and good music!





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