Hi guys, welcome on Altroverso
Hi Giada, thank you!

What brought you to approach the electronic music and then to become producer of techno / house?
In the beginning, the idea of making music entirely on a computer, without the need of getting together a band. In Panama, were we are from. Back then the whole music scene was quite small. So trying to get the right people together for this could turn into something really complicated. That was the main reason to try making music with computers but it wasn’t necessarily house or Techno. House and techno came a couple years after going out a lot and traveling to festivals like Creamfields Argentina or Weekend Dance Madrid.

Is going to be released in February “Dead Can Dance”, your new EP for Leena Music, that marks your return on the Berliner label and a new chapter in your brilliant career. What is the idea behind this new job/project? For example, the title remind a historical band.
Yeah! We’re really happy of been back wth Leena. We know Anja and Ralf (Mobilee and Leena founders) for a couple of years now and they been really supportive with us and our project. Also Leena have been dropping a lot of music we play, plus releasing names like Darius Syrossian, Lee van Dowski, Catz n Dogz, Kevin Yost through all this years. It was definitely a good label to release with. About the name, yeah it totally come from the legendary band. We love the word game and and what it could bring up to the mind. Felt itcould fit very well to the track because of the combitation of the vocals with a groovy baseline.

The track Amor, instead, uses a vocal sample in Spanish, that represents it. Do you like to use voices in club tunes.
Amor was born as a none vocal track. But the idea of the percussion and bass dynamic game came from a beating heart. Then Kevin came up with the idea of using this vocal and it all made a lot of sense. To be honest, we don’t really care much about using vocals or not. it really depends on what’s going on with the project. But it is true that we add a lot of vocal elements to our tracks, even if we don’t use them on a conventional way.

You conjugate expertly house music, deep-house and techno in a unique and charming blend, but to the question: “do you feel more house or more techno”, what would you answer?
Thanks 🙂 We’re crazy about dance floors and music able to make us dance. Can’t choose between them. Sorry for that! 😉

You’re from Panama, how is the electronic scene in your Country?
That’s true. Panama is a small country. But Panama City with an approximate population of 1.5 million people have a really good electronic music scene. Is quite small, but it have grown a lot in the last 5 years. People is more and more into discovering new things, and as a crowd the give it all in the dance floor. We have to face some challenges like finding a way of collaborating with the authorities, social legitimisation, and so one; but the picture looks pretty optimistic to us.

How was it born the choice to move to Berlin?
Well, after spending many summers in Berlin, we saw that it was the place to be if we wanted to keep growing as artists. The amount of contacts or things we can learn in Berlin per hour is unbelievable. Sometimes feels like we had no other choice hehehehe…

Are you planning new releases, new projects for the 2017?
e have actually a lot coming out this year. We’ve done a remix for a Brazilian duo called Akken on their Plan B label. A collab with our good friend Tigerskin and the lovely Elli coming out with a David Mayer remix on Connected, Terranova and Stereo Mc’s Label. Also we have a new EP coming out on or own Cacao Records with remixes from Re.you and Boddhi Satva. Last but not least a collab we did with David Mayer coming our on Be One records of Miguel Bastida. We’ve other tracks from last year waiting for confirmation but 2016 was a very productive year in the studio so we should have a lot coming out during 2017

When you enter the studio to produce how do you behave? Do you take an inspiration by listening to other artists’ music? Among you guys, is there one who cures the rhytmic aspect and one who creates the melodies?
At this moment we try to get our inspiration as much as we can from the dance floor. So we try to make tracks we can play in our sets. We have deferent approaches, but the usual process is that Lloyd comes out with an idea or sketch. Then both sit down and jam around that idea until we’re both happy with it. From there Kevin takes care of editing and finalisation of the project. Getting the percussive elements tighter, balancing and eq.

To end, the classic question we ask all the important artists: what would you like to recommend to future djs and producers?
Try to spend as much time possible practicing and studying. Is the only way to keep growing. From there is just a matter of time until you start seen some results. Thanks for the opportunity guys, it have been a pleasure!!





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