inspector-macbet-no-chance-society-3-0-altroversoArtist: Inspector Macbet
Title: No Chance
Label: Society 3.0 Recordings
Release Date: January 6, 2017



1. Inspector Macbet – No Chance
2. Inspector Macbet – After the Rain


Inspector Macbet set out to release a new, forward-thinking deep house record for prolific label “Society 3.0 Recordings”. This release features, two tracks, “No Chance” and its B-side, “After The Rain”.

The opening track is a rather lengthy track with a massive build-up, with sounds that keep layering exponentially, starting from a massive full-frequency kick drum to some vintage-sounding low-end synth chords and lush melodic textures. This song is a modern interpretation of the classic deep sound, with a lot of warmth and a timeless flavor making the mix really special.

The following track, “After The Rain”, sports a very similar tempo, although the melody is immediately very different. The initial riff is heavily modulated and the reverse effect adds for some truly unique vibes and somewhat of a funky feel that blends in beautifully with the deep house footprint of the song. The beat picks up the pace quickly and the contrast between the upbeat high-hats and the haunting soundscapes is truly poignant, adding lots of depth and texture to this composition.

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