pino-arduini-la-vida-remixes-society-3-0-altroversoArtist: Pino Arduini
Title: La Vida (Remixes)
Remixer: Pablo Fierro, Sarah Main, FreedomB, Enrico Caruso, Reddish Purple
Label: Society 3.0
Release Date: 9 December 2016



1. Pino Arduini – La Vida (Pablo Fierro Remix)
2. Pino Arduini – La Vida (Sarah Main Remix)
3. Pino Arduini – La Vida (FreedomB Remix)
4. Pino Arduini – La Vida (Enrico Caruso & Reddish Purple Remix One)
5. Pino Arduini – La Vida (Enrico Caruso & Reddish Purple Remix Two)


Pino Arduini is a producer whose sound is known for the manic attention to detail, particularly when it comes to the rhythm textures. His beats have a very special tangible feel, with sounds and samples that are refreshingly realistic and gritty. While he is a master at implementing classic drum machine modalities, his rhythm patterns have something really distinctive, which reminds of the work of seminal performers such as Jon Hopkins, known for his production wizardry. Pino arranged a nice collection of remixed version of his track, La Vida. The remixes are curated by different artists, including Pablo Fierro, Sarah Main, FreedomB and Enrico Caruso & Reddish Purple. Each version explores the song under a different perspective.

While Pablo’s remix is more minimal and dark in its overtones, Sarah’s reworked version has a more upbeat feel to it.

FreedomB, on the other hand, brings a more punchy and modern tone to the track, with some hints of house.

The two versions curated by Enrico Caruso & Reddish Purple are both very distinctive in their own right, with a very cool approach on the arrangement and the melodies.

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