manni-wave-machine-society-3-0-altroversoArtist: Manni
Title: Wave Machine
Label: Society 3.0
Release Date: December 2, 2016



1. Manni – Come On
2. Manni – Pure Juice
3. Manni – F is Fun
4. Manni – Caraca
5. Manni – Pedro Bahiano Is Not Dead
6. Manni – I Want You
7. Manni – Storm Surfers
8. Manni – Eddie Would Go
9. Manni – DVTNC
10. Manni – Neue Welle
11. Manni – Give Me the Night
12. Manni – I Like It
13. Manni – Ape Funk
14. Manni – CBMA


Manni is one of the pioneers of electronic music in Brazil, which he started off as DJ Vanni in 1985 and developed as a part of M4J, one of the first Brazilian electronic live acts, combining house and techno with Brazilian influences and being played by the likes of Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier and Green Velvet.

Having been in the dance music scene for longer than three decades and playing all around the world, Manni witnessed the development of many musical styles and influences which seep through his new album – although he settled on tech- house and house, you can hear punchy and catchy music themes from the 90s dance floor, acid pokes and modulated voice samples. And coming from Brazil, Manni enjoys syncopated, elastic rhythms with bouncing dynamics and earthy percussions.

Come On opens up with rolling, smooth house groove, followed by synth riffs, warm, abrasive pads and a rap sample. Ideal for coming through the crowd in a club to find your spot on the dance floor. Pure Juice has a familiar musical motive changing in timbre, which floats through a house with different rooms – one with hanging bells resonating in the move- ment, other room with blasting kick drum, a guest room with squeaky arpeggios. F Is Fun mixes Kraftwerk-like computer sample with pretty much the whole sound bank, including car horns or human laughter. The result is still sophisticated and enjoyable club track! The percussive foundation of Caraca doesn’t deny a flavor of samba, but later it slowly blossoms up with gentle synthesizers and sweet little melody.

Pedro Bahiano Is Not Dead can be considered a tech-house follow up of Pedro Bahiano, an acid track by Manni’s former project M4J from 1998. Storm Surfers sounds surprisingly cheerful with its bold claps and 80s synth melody. Eddie Would Go is a perfect closing track, whereas DVTNC stands out for its mellow, deep energy and well crafted sounds. Neu Welle has a half BPM of the rest of the album and it’s heavily built on narrative bass line and sensual synths, which are slowly stretching through the whole piece. The funky vibe of Give Me The Night invites everyone to put the sequin outfit on and get into the groove. I Like It combines various colors and shapes of synthesizers with brass and vocal samples of That’s The Way I Like It. Ape Funk is without doubt the funkiest track on the record, with slamming bass and cheerful singing samples. The LP is closed by CBMA a dramatic tune with spacey vibe.

Wave Machine will be out December 2nd on digital format via Society 3.0 Recordings.

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