klartraum_-_e_remixes_pt-_4_-_lucidflow_altroversoArtist: Klartraum
Title: E Remixes Pt. 4
Remixers: Paul Moore, Hooll, Oscar Barila, Jamin Hernandez
Label: Lucidflow
Release Date: 19th Dec.



1 – Bill Bill (Hooll Remix)
2 – Drama Queen (Oscar Barila & Jamin Hernandez 4 AM Remix)
3 – Tiger Ride (Paul Moore (GER) Dark Alley Mix)
4 – Tiger Ride (Cinematic Ride)


Last year saw the release of Lucidflow owners Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch’s studio album “E”. Unconventionally, it was split over each quarter of the year, with each cover of each issuing coming together to represent an Enneagram, the model of human personality.

More conventionally is the celebration of a Klartraum album by drafting in familiar friends and collaborators new for a remix extravaganza. Split once again into digestible chunks, the final package comes complete with Paul Moore (GER), Hooll, Oscar Barila and Jamin Hernandez on remix duty.

While tackling ‘Bill Bill’, Hooll rolls out his trademark tough edged beats. A softer side is displayed as the melodic touches and dub elements drift carefree over the percussion as if floating on the Dead Sea.
A driving beat works with atonal stabs, although a thread of delicacy is allowed through the faintest of melancholic melody.

Oscar Barila and Jamin Hernandez team up to take on ‘Drama Queen’s 4AM remix, paring a funky backbone with the emotive synth work. It’s light and airy, perfect for working those sunset moments on open air Ibiza dancefloors.

Long time Lucidflow collaborator Paul Moore (GER) turns in an emphatic reworking of Tiger Ride. It swells into dense swirling foggy textures before peeling away for a stripped back final third. Its marriage of organic and machine influences creates a driving fluidity. Finally, the original dark and churning Tiger Ride (Cinematic Ride) ties off the release, giving you the chance to catch an element of the originating album for those who have slept on it. E Remixes Part 4 hits on 19th December 2016, keep your ears to the ground for more from this remix extravaganza.


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