steinklopfer-wolfganga-amadeus-techno-ghosthall-altroversoArtist: Steinklopfer
Title: Wolfgang Amadeus Techno
Label: Ghosthall
Release Date: 26 December 2016



Steinklopfer – New and Hard (Original Mix)
Steinklopfer – A Not Really New Approach (Original Mix)
Steinklopfer & Sued – I Dont Like The Smell (Original Mix)


Steinklopfer is one of the most diverse and genre-bending names from all of the Ghosthall Artists.

Earlier this year Steinklopfer released “Some Melodies EP” a journey through electronic soundscapes.

After a couple of months we are proud to share “Wolfgang Amadeus Techno” a totally different beast for the dance floor.

New and Hard” is a dark, atmospheric, rolling techno track that has a lot of intensity.

A Not Really New Approach” is another intensive dark track, moving, gaining it’s momentum until the release.

The last track is a collaboration with Sued. “I Don’t Like The Smell” is gonna hypnotize you with it’s analog stabs, arpeggios and slow groove.

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