paul-kardos-day-after-day-society-3-0-altroversoArtist: Paul Kardos
Title: Day After Day
Label: Society 3.0
Release Date: 4 November 2016



1. Paul Kardos – Day After Day
2. Paul Kardos – Isabel
3. Paul Kardos – Unknown Language


Hungarian artist and producer Paul Kardos presents his second release on Society 3.0. Paul is a driven, charismatic and experience artist who has been interested in creating music since he was barely 11 years old.

He grew up to become an accomplished and well-respected artist releasing music on a wide variety of seminal labels, including Bonzai Progressive and Green Martian, just to name a few.

His second release, Day After Day, is another collection of 3 songs with roots in deep house with shades of techno, going for a textural, understated and haunting sound, chockfull of beautiful rhythm patterns and melodies with a hypnotic feel.

Paul is a master at letting his songs build up and unfold, by carefully arranging them and plotting the evolution of each track from beginning to end, in a way that each song becomes increasingly dynamically rich.

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