rafael cerato-ontagion-definition-music-altroversoArtist: Rafael Cerato
Title: Kontagion EP
Label: Definition:Music
Release Date: 03 October 2016
Format: Maxi Single & EP
Cat. Number: DMU059





With his sounds already having graced the catalogues of some of the scenes most influential and respected tastemakers – Stil vor Talent, Diynamic, Saura and more – Raphael Certato now drops some tunes on Definition:music. The ‘Kontagion’ EP is a 3 track affair aimed at the dancefloor.

With first of the bunch sends an immediate signal of what’s to come, deep and moving dance music. He not playing games as the title track jumps right into the thick of it, driving percussion and dramatic swells add an ominous tone.

The atmosphere of ‘Melancholia’ is a dusty, epic landscape filled with dirty synth and heavy rhythm and a satisfying end. Raphael keeps the energy flowing with ‘Artefak’, the second track of the EP. Here hes taken the sound a bit down, here we hear a bit less of the epic-ness heard in the first track, and focus on a gritty techno scene.

As brilliant as it is contagious. Finally, the last track lightens the mood considerably, while still maintaining the tense on-edge-y-ness feel. The percussion have been lightened and everything overall feels a touch more organic, more human than the fist-clenching first two. ”


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