shonky-plombiere-apollonia-altroversoArtist: Shonky
Title: Plombière EP
Label: Apollonia Music
Release Date: June 2016
Format: Vinyl only: June 2016
Cat. Number: APO025



A1 – Plombière
A2 – HouseMe
B1 – Perchée
B2 – Cosmopolis


As one of the founding members of Apollonia, Shonky was responsible for his label’s very first release back in 2012 with ‘The Minneapolis Touch’. Outside of working on the trio’s debut LP ‘Tour a Tour’, Shonky has been relatively quiet on the solo tip.

Here on Apollonia’s 25th release we’re treated to four new cuts from the Berlin-based Parisian, kicking off with Plombière (Plumber in English). Shonky injects a variety of unusual sounds, which revolve around a jaunty bassline, while voices dip in and out of the background, repeating the mantra ‘house music’ together with other difficult to decipher vocal clips. The track has a catchy rhythm that bounces along with aplomb. Up next ‘House Me’ is a sleazy, mischievous cut with a deadly low end and a seductive vocal that urges you to ‘House me’. As the bassline rumbles, high pitched effects add a hypnotic element to the track. Badboy business.

On the B-side we have ‘Perchee’, which is powered by cleverly layered percussion, which is almost ‘live’ sounding. Another one of those ‘Shonky’ basslines gets us straight into the groove, with utterly contagious beats – this is one to shake the dance floor down its core. Finally, ‘Cosmopolis’ has that inner city realness flowing through with the chatter of a street corner in the background, a killer b-line and one of those classic vocal samples that is oh so familiar and gets you nodding your head as soon as you hear it.

And there it is, four dance floor cuts with plenty of depth and groove in true Shonky style… c’est formidable!

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