Claap was founded in 2010 by Alex Tsotsos. Based in Berlin, the main idea behind it is to act as a platform to introduce fresh talent into the international electronic music sphere. At a time, when people ignore skills and ability but rather focus on hype and statistics, Claap is here as a sign to the right direction. As the name implies, a clap is the reaction when you are really enjoying a moment for all the right reasons!

Focusing strongly on raw and intuitive house and techno, Claap has brought many up and coming new artists into the club world. Kindimmer, Square Room Heores, BODJ, Quell, Moire Patterns and John Dimas are all part of an exciting new wave of talented artists. Claap has also released music and remixes from well known acts like label mainstay Nikola Gala, Jimpster, Manoo, D’Julz, Oskar Offermann, Santonio Echols, Ekkohaus, Argy and of course GummiHz himself.

Since it’s inaugural release “Sapfo” (GummiHz/ Nikola Gala/ Claap/ 2010) Claap hit a note with many djs in the international sphere. Some highlights are “songs from the continents” (GummiHz/ Claap/ 2010), “oasy/ get it” (Nikola Gala/ John Dimas/ Claap/ 2011), “Head Rush” (GummiHz/ Claap/ 2011), “The roots anthems” (Moire Patterns/ 2013) and recently “Workz on dope” (Kindimmer/ Claap/ 2014) . Although the first milestone was set last summer with the label’s debut compilation titled “GummiHz presents Alles Claap vol.1”. The label’s sound has already gained many followers and is a favorite amongst many industry heads such as Derrick May, Danny Tenaglia, Ricardo Villalobos, Osunlade, Ame, Steve Bug, Hawtin, Luciano to name only a very few.

Claap has two sub labels. C-EDITS standing for Claap edits, and Raw Instinct. C-EDITS is a project and boutique label by Claap founder Alex Tsotsos focusing on covers, edits and original music spanning from disco to slow house. The label managed to get world wide notoriety since the first release came out. A GummiHz/ C-EDITS edit on the classic 90s anthem “So in love with you” by Duke Ellington. The edit was later licensed by the original artist himself. C-EDITS is also a silent partner to Wolf + Lamb, who have released a cover of “Visage – Fade to grey” by C-EDITS on the esteemed W+L black imprint back in the summer of 2012.

Raw Instinct is a series of club tools which Alex has produced exclusively for his dj sets during the past years. The series also pays homage to the sound and the clubs that inspired him since being a teenager. Clubs like the Sound Factory (New York), The End (London), MOS (London), Space mobile (Thessaloniki) and Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos).

A short while ago, Claap launched an in-house booking agency. Claap booking handles artists from the label’s roster as well as label nights. In its short span Claap booking organises our showcases at Cookies and regular appearances at Watergate in Berlin as well as other locations. At the same time, most of the label’s roster holds residencies in their own countries and play clubs worldwide.

The future looks bright for Claap. With new music from more fresh talent planned for the next releases we hope to keep our fans claaping with joy!



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