frag maddin-definiton_music_altroversoArtist: Frag Maddin
Title: Dark Hush EP
Label: Definition:Music
Release Date: 15 February 2016
Format: Maxi Single & EP
Cat. Number: DMU043



1. Frag Maddin – A Waterfall Behind Blue Eyes
2. Frag Maddin – Control One
3. Frag Maddin – Dark Hush
4. Frag Maddin – Lighter


The Berlin based producer returns to definition with a fresh 4 track EP titled ‚Dark Hush‘. First Frag Maddin sets the stage with ‘Waterfall Behind Blue Eyes’. Slowly letting arps creep in as the atmosphere builds in the distance.

By the time the kick hits, we’re ready for it. Experimenting with new sounds and new directions, frag Maddin throws a raspy vocal over the beautifully crafted track, creating a whole new dimension.

‘Control One’ returns to the tech house roots with a hefty kick and full percussion right off the bat.

The tracks goes on to dip into a funk-vibe while keeping the bass tight and strong. The title track arrives and brings with it a subtle ambience as it rises.

Packing some unexpected surprises, the track is elegantly simple overall, keeping within its bounds but still delivering a punch. His final track on the EP, ‘Lighter’ feeds on a house beat with the lights turned low and the electricity high.

A beautiful, nearly afterhours track that still delivers a beautiful groove with plenty of energy for diverse set time.


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